A relaxing and stress-reducing massage that is tailor-made to meet your special needs. This therapeutic massage firm incorporates a variety of techniques and includes heat applications if desired. Aromatherapy is available. Rejuvenate your body, relax your mind.

Let 10+ years of massage experience work for you to help relieve muscle tension and pain resulting from computer work, sports, motherhood or weekend warrior work. Special attention to problem areas. Heat applications are available. Reduce your pain, increase your flexibility.

A relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage treatment involving 23 facial pressure points and the application of 2 natural products, honey and your choice of macadamia nut oil, almond oil or rapeseed oil. Remove tension, reduce facial lines, and tone, uplift and enhance your appearance.

An amazing 4-step makeover for tired, neglected feet. Feet are immersed in a warm herbal vapor soak, followed by an invigorating sea salt scrub and a thermal fusion masque. Top this off with a hydrating lotion massage.

A penetrating heat treatment for the hands or feet that helps restore moisture as well as relieve pain and joint stiffness. Especially recommended to relieve dryness from 

In this case, we have the following:

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